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One in 49 NSW children will use NETS sometime during their childhood. This is not surprising when you consider that of over 250 hospitals in the region; only ten have intensive care facilities for sick newborns and only three have intensive care for kids. For regional and rural areas, the chance of using NETS is even higher - 1 in 38.

NETS covers an area of 815,810km2 across rural and metropolitan NSW and the ACT providing a lifesaving service.

Our dedicated teams of doctors and nurses provide expert clinical advice, clinical co-ordination, stabilisation and emergency treatment and retrieval for very sick children 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Although NETS is funded by NSW Health for staffing costs we rely on community support to maintain and renew the specialised intensive care equipment and ambulances that we use.

Thanks to community support, it is possible for NETS to make that extra difference and continue our lifesaving service.

You can help save a child's life by donating to NETS.